Eighth grade students create collaborative artwork

Eighth grade students in Mrs. Diehl's art class worked together to create large scale, collaborative pieces of artwork. Students showed great skill with shading and communication with peers to create individual "puzzle" pieces of artwork that became a unified piece.

Students involved in the project include: 8th grade art
A'mia McCollum
Addison Forrest
Addison Graves
Aniyah Eldridge
Ariana Hill
Bailey Morrison
Bryce Panzarella
Caleb Honsberger
Clark LaFontaine
Donnelle Saxton
Eliza Page
Gianna Carrasquillo
Grace Bishop
Grace Cotsonas
Jack Lambert
Jaidyn Herb
Jayanna DeGroat
Jordan Lampman
Judah Tanner
Julian Wisnowski8th grade art2
Kaiden Fitzwater
Katelynn Prince
Kaylee Kinney
Kya Capriotti
Liam Paddock
Lilliana Moll
Lily Chambers-Silva
Logan Schoeneman
Louis Morreale
Madalynn Fioravanti
Mia Rountree
Milo Warner
Noah Wollschleger
Perry Francis
Ray'Davion Allen
Sean Hogan
Sheta Mekonnen
Summer Logan
Tyler Leisten