We Trust

We are.... ER

We Trust Our Students to:

  • be actively engaged in school every day

  • be prepared, punctual, respectful, and safe

  • be responsible for their own success both at ER and beyond

We Trust Our Parents/Guardians to:

  • ensure your child is school-ready every day

  • foster a positive partnership with school

  • get involved

We Trust Our Faculty/Staff to:

  • consistently put students first

  • create a challenging, well-managed, and engaging learning experience

  • communicate with families proactively

We Trust Our Administration to:

  • listen and consistently respond with fairness

  • support all within the school community

  • uphold our district's mission, vision, and core values

We Trust Our School Community to:

  • believe in our district

  • actively support our students

  • serve as our ambassador


please click here for 'We Trust' poster(PDF - 62 KB)