Senior Gift in Honor of Alex Fee

Senior Gift in Honor of Alex Fee
Mr. Fee with gift August 7 marks the one year anniversary of a tragic accident that took the life of Alexandra Fee. East Rochester Culinary Arts Teacher John Fee is Alex’s father. Alex had been vibrant with a positive attitude and everybody who knew her would tell you what a great person she was.

Her death was mourned by the entire East Rochester community, who rallied around Mr. Fee and his family, showing support however they could. ER staff began wearing purple- Alex’s favorite color- every Thursday.

This year, to mark the anniversary and show Mr. Fee how much he means to them, the Class of 2020 chose to present Mr. Fee with a new chef’s coat with purple embroidery in memory of Alex. The students presented the coat to him during a graduation rehearsal on July 15.

“He is probably the most fun, energetic teacher and I always love walking into his class and giving him a handshake,” said Senior Class Vice President Cameron Lombard. Mr. Fee demonstrates to students that, even if you’re going through something terrible, it’s important to remain positive and see the good in life.

Following the emotional presentation, Mr. Fee thanked students for their gift and told them how much it meant to him that they would choose to honor her memory in such a thoughtful way.