Chess Club spreading the word

Chess Club spreading the word
Posted on 02/16/2022
Chess Club

Chess Club ambassadors have been finding opportunities during the school day to engage fellow students in chess! The group says they have seen an increased interest in chess since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, as more people turn to board games for entertainment. In response, members of the chess club began to organize “bughouse” competitions during free periods, where students who are not part of the team, but have an interest in playing, are able to compete against one another in fast-paced, partner matches. While different from the traditional time-controlled, over-the-board games played during the interscholastic matches, bughouse has proven itself as a way to bring new individuals to the club.

One message the team hopes to get across throughout their outreach efforts: Anyone can play chess. While the game may be difficult, it is easier to learn and get better at as part of a group, and students can join the team at any point throughout the school year!

Recently, when the MLA club hosted the interscholastic chess league match on February 1, the team came out on top against McQuaid, with a final score of 65-60. They hope to continue their streak during the next interscholastic match on March 1. Then, at the end of April, the MLA and High School teams will compete in an all-day tournament with many of the teams who make up the Monroe County Chess League, which currently includes over 100 schools. Good luck to both teams!