Graduation 2022 Recording

“As you move on to your next challenge and your own level of greatness, I want to give you something to think about: that is having the proper mindset and knowing the difference between having to do something and getting to do something.”

These words from East Rochester Superintendent Jim Haugh inspired graduates, as the East Rochester Class of 2022 gathered together for graduation on Saturday, June 25. Superintendent Haugh used his near-death experience this past fall to emphasize the difference a mindset can have as the students begin their post-graduate journey.

Valedictorian Hollygrace Chamberlain and Salutatorian Aubrea Broker also gave speeches, reminiscing on their shared experiences during their time together in school and offering advice as they move on to their next stage in life. “We’ve changed a lot since middle school, and once we leave here to go off into the world to live out the rest of our lives, I’m sure we’ll change even more,” said Aubrea. “Remember it’s always okay to ask for help. Remember that you’re not alone out there, and remember that all of the great things you’ve done so far won’t stop now that you’ve graduated.”

Hollygrace mirrored this advice during her speech, saying “Now is the time that we decide what is ahead. Ahead of us is life and all of the beautiful and individual moments that come with it. So, I challenge you to hold on to these memories and to make new ones.” 

A recording of the ceremony can be viewed here. Photos from Saturday can be viewed here. Congratulations to the Class of 2022!