Scholarships and College Information


The Guidance Office receives scholarship information throughout the school year.

While the majority of the scholarship opportunities we receive are for seniors, occasionally we get them for other grade levels, check with Mrs. Verdi if you have any questions.

  • Check with the Guidance Office often
  • Read the applications carefully
  • Follow the directions
  • Be aware of the deadlines

Tips for finding scholarships:

Start early: Most, but not all, scholarships are offered to graduating seniors. There are scholarships out there that are available to younger students. If you start your research now you will also learn what is needed to be eligible for some scholarships. Community service is often a requirement. Get involved and keep track of you participation.

Use the internet: There are several internet databases available for students to search. You should not have to pay for this service there are several free databases. Do a general search, “scholarship + German” might give you leads on scholarships offered to students who studied German in high school or to students of German heritage.

Talk to your parents: Your parent’s employers or professional organization may have scholarship programs for the children of their employees. Other organizations your parents belong to or participate in, such as fraternities or sororities, may have scholarship programs.

Talk to your counselors and teachers: Let them know what you are interested in studying. They are often made aware of scholarships based on their curriculum area. Let your English teacher know that you plan to study that field in college so s/he will keep you in mind if s/he hears of scholarships or essay contests.

Check with the Guidance Office: We often get mailings from scholarship programs. Check with Mrs. Verdi to see if any new scholarships have come in.

Talk to the colleges you plan to apply to: Colleges have many scholarship opportunities for students who apply and are accepted. One college might seem too expensive, but if there is a scholarship available that would make it more affordable, it’s worth finding out about.

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