Field Trips

East Rochester School District Field Trip Student Expectations

  • As a representative of East Rochester Union Free Schools, students will be on their best behavior while on the bus and in the community.
  • Any school related rules, as indicated by the District Code of Conduct, will be enforced for both in- and out-of-building activities.
  • Teachers will review with the students the specific expectations for behavior the day prior to the trip and before leaving the bus. It is the District's expectation that students will follow these rules/expectations without exception.
  • Students will respect and follow the request of any chaperone or employee of the destination. If they do not, their parent will be contacted upon returning from the trip and there will be disciplinary consequences as per our District Code of Conduct.
  • Should a student choose to demonstrate unacceptable behavior on this field trip, it may have impact on future trips of any kind.
  • Students who have shown, through their behavior, that they may not be able to follow the above expectations, may be held back from going on a trip. The teacher will notify the parent/guardian of this decision, share what the student will be doing during that time and what assignment(s) the student is responsible for.