Shared Decision Making Teams

Junior High and Senior High School-Based Shared Decision-Making Teams

Definition of Shared Decision-Making
A process by which representative members of the community at the district and school levels cooperate and accept accountability “to improve the educational performance of all students in the school, regardless of such factors as socioeconomic status, race, sex, language background, or disability.”

Purpose and Responsibilities
The School-Based Teams are groups of designated members of the school community who will use shared decision-making to improve student learning.

  • To help students in achieving standards of excellence based upon NYS Standards, as determined by the Board of Education.

  • To develop, lead, and manage an educational plan which focuses upon student learning and reflects the District's goals and NYS Standards.

  • To communicate by sending approved meeting minutes regarding issues and results to the District-Based Teams, other School-Based Teams, and stakeholder groups.

  • To build support and ownership for decisions, facilitating implementation.

  • To foster innovation, creative thinking, and meaningful problem-solving through a team approach.

  • To monitor the functioning of the School-Based Team and assess the outcomes of the School-Based Team.

Representatives for 2019-20

PTA/parents: Joanne Doll/Michelle Michalski 

CSEA: Christine Schutterop 

Students: Isabella Alexander

Teachers: Alyse Palumbo/Heather Kemper

Administrators: Casey van Harssel

Please contact the team at