Recognizing ER's 2020-21 Outstanding Senior

Recognizing ER's 2020-21 Outstanding Senior
Posted on 07/01/2021
Janai McCullough

East Rochester Union Free School District Senior Janai McCullough has been laying the groundwork for the change that is needed in both our school and society through her leadership and advocacy efforts- earning her the title of Monroe County Board of Cooperative Educational Services’ Outstanding Senior for the East Rochester Class of 2021.  

Janai, who joined the district in eighth grade, has not only shown strong academic abilities throughout her years in East Rochester but has also taken an active role in spreading cultural awareness. As a founding member of the ER Diversity Ambassadors, she is striving to make a more culturally responsive school environment through open and honest dialogue with students and staff. Whether it is an 11-year old sixth grade student or a veteran teacher, all are comfortable asking Janai questions about race, racism and speaking their own truth to her. 

Janai has also volunteered time as a student representative on the district code of conduct committee. At the direction of the superintendent, the group she is working with has been tasked with updating the code of conduct to be more culturally responsive and inclusive. 

Janai shows tremendous work ethic, skill and character every day during her accelerated and rigorous academic program, which includes a job-shadowing opportunity through the Monroe One BOCES New Visions: Medical Professions program. Though she rarely struggles to master academic content, when faced with a challenge she will seek help and put in the extra effort to find success. She has proven to be responsible and resilient in her studies and this has earned her the respect of her teachers and peers.

Janai has also shown leadership, dedication and reliability on her volleyball and track and field teams, as well as the time she spends mentoring freshmen. People around Janai describe her focus and drive as contagious and call her a natural born leader.

Her leadership ability, passion, dedication and intellect will take her to high places.

To watch the full Dr. Michael C. O'Laughlin Outstanding Senior Recognition Program that aired on 13 WHAM, click here.